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  • How to Add Specs (Sketch version only)

    In below section, you will learn how to add specs for your document in Markly. If you don't know how to import your Sketch artboards into Markly, read previous articles using the navigation in the left.

    Add Coordinate

    In the below document page, you can hover your mouse to see all elements (layers) imported from Sketch. Click an element which you want to add coordinate, and you will find the element was selected.

    Click the coordinate icon button or just press c shortcut to add coordinate for selected element. Do it again to remove corresponding mark. Check the screenshot below:

    Add Dimensions (Width & Height)

    To add width & height label for selected element, just select an element and click the size icon button, or press s on your keyboard. If you want to add width or height separately, press w to add width label, and press h to add height label. Do it again to remove corresponding mark.

    Add Overlay

    Sometimes you may need to add an overlay to highlight a layer, this can be done easily in Markly. Click the overlay icon button or just press o. Do it again to remove corresponding mark.

    Add Shape/Text Info

    Markly allows you to add shape layer or text layer info, such as, fill color, border color & stroke, opacity, text font family, etc. This can be done by clicking the info icon button or just press i. Do it again to remove corresponding mark.

    Remove Specs

    If you want to remove individual specs on your document, just click corresponding icon button or press the corresponding shortcut. You can view the full shortcuts list here. If you need to remove all specs for selected element, just hit delete button.