How to Update Specs (Sketch version only)

In below section, you will learn how to update specs for your document in Markly.

Step 1 - Add Some Specs

In the below document page, you can hover your mouse to see all elements (layers) imported from Sketch. Click an element which you want to add coordinate, and you will find the element was selected.

Click the coordinate icon button or just press c shortcut to add coordinate for selected element. Do it again to remove corresponding mark. Check the screenshot below:

Step 1 - Modify You Design and Re-import

Now I will modify the design. In this example, I changed the font color & font family for title "Sketch Wireframing Kit — v1.2". And I moved all layers 107 pixels to the right. After that I import this artboard once again. Check below screenshot to see the specs changes.

Note: To prevent encountering unexpected problems, we recommend you to save the document first before re-importing.