Import your design from Sketch

Note: In the latest version of Markly (Sketch version), we removed the old unstable plugin support. Now you don't need install or update the Sketch plugin manually.

Step 1 - Select a Project

Before importing your design from Sketch to Markly, please make sure you have selected at least one project in the left section.

Step 2 - Select an Artboard in Sketch

Open a file you have created, click any artboard to make it active.

Step 3 - Access Import Tools in Menubar

Click the Markly icon in the menubar, and you will see the below menu. We provide 3 import options for you.

1. Import Active Artboard - Import the active single artboard as one document into Markly.

2. Import Selected Artboards - Import multiple selected artboards.

3. Import All Artboards - Import all artboards in the current page of this Sketch file.

Now keep the artboard active in the previous step, and click the first menu Import Active Artboard to have a look.

Step 4 - Begin Import

After clicked the import tools, Markly will begin to read and analyze your file. Soon you will find that Markly window opened, and the below image will be presented.

The progress sheet window will be closed when the artboard was imported successfully. Once the import was finished, you will find the artboard appears in the main window.

Click any document (artboard) thumbnail to make it selected. If you don't want the document any more, just select it and press delete button to permanently delete it.

Double click any document to start spec'ing! Click below link to learn details.

How to Add Specs