v2.0 beta 9August 07, 2017

Added macOS 10.13 High Sierra support.

v2.0 beta 8July 25, 2017

Improved the app stability and performance. πŸš€

v2.0 beta 7July 24, 2017

Fixed the crash issue when setting cover image for project

v2.0 beta 6July 22, 2017

In this version we fixed some UI bugs, and integrated Intercom. 😎

*** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the UI issues of interacting with comments.
  • Fixed the layer blur sytle display.
  • Improved the multi-select experience.
  • v2.0 beta 5July 19, 2017

    Added TIFF image support. Added multi-select support for project images. Improved UX.

    v2.0 beta 4July 18, 2017

    πŸŽ‰ Introducing Markly Beta 4 - A huge step of Markly! We added CSS code export feature, UI Kit project, and greatly improved the UI and UX.

    *** NEW ***

  • Added UI Kit project. You can now manage all your design library over Google Drive by creating a UI Kit project and dropping images inside to upload. Supported image types: jpg, png, svg, pdf, eps and gif.
  • Dragging any asset in your project to your favorite design software, such as, Sketch, any Adobe desktop app, Affinity Designer, etc.
  • CSS code export for any selected layer. Supported syntaxes: CSS, CSS in JS, Sass, SCSS, Less, and Stylus.
  • Supports coping code or text layer content by clicking Copy button.
  • Supports renaming images, and display image details, such as, file size, dimensions, updated time, and file owner.
  • *** IMPROVED ***

  • Improved the thumbnail preview.
  • Now you can search images by file extensions.
  • Improved the project selection event.
  • Improved the indicator for uploading designs & images.
  • Select any layer info by simply clicking it.
  • Supports resizing the inspector.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the Zoom to Fit issue for non-design files.
  • v2.0 beta 3July 15, 2017

    Fixed the crash bug 🐞

    *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the app crash bug caused by those Google accounts which doesn't have an avatar image.
  • v2.0 beta 2July 14, 2017

    Fixed some UI bugs 🐞

    *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the layer info calculation issue for different resolutions.
  • Tweak the toolbar UI.
  • Improve the app stability on certain devices.
  • v2.0 beta 1July 13, 2017

    🎁 Introducing brand new Markly 2.0! Markly 2.0 helps you organize, share designs and assets across your team, make designers and developers work together better and faster! Read more

    *** NEW ***

  • Support Google login.
  • Sync designs to Google Drive.
  • Organize designs & assets in projects.
  • Import designs from Sketch files.
  • Quick design hand-off.
  • Realtime visual comment or annotation.
  • Export image asset for selected layer.