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We redesigned the spec'ing software to make it a fun to create spec / UI style guide document for your developer or client. You can use it with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014/2015/2017 & Sketch.

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How Does It Work

With Markly, creating design specs is simple and visual

No manual measuring any more. After imported your design from Adobe Photoshop or Sketch (product by Bohemian Coding) into Markly, you can add specification marks by simple clicking and dragging. Coordinate, dimensions, distance or fonts, no matter what and where you want. When you finished, you can export the canvas as PNG image by clicking one button.

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Zero configuration, the appearance styles are synced globally

Without Markly, you have to spend time to apply styles to each individual specification element. Even you can create a list of styles in your layer settings by following some steps, soon you will find it hard to maintain.

But with Markly, no configuration needed since Markly will do this job for you. You wan to change the line colors, line arrow styles, or label styles? No problem. You want to toggle different unit displays for your asset? No problem.

Specs updated automatically when your design was modified

If you create specifications directly on your layers, once you modified your design, you have to modify the marks according to your changes one by one.

However, you don't have to do this in Markly. Since the spec data are organized and saved independently, whenever you imported your design into our app, the specifications will be self-updated automatically. No extra adjustments needed.

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Designed for today's mobile & web creative professionals

Super Easy & Fast

Add layer coordinate, layer width, layer height, layer margins & paddings, and typography styles, etc. with simple click or drag.

Highly Maintainable

The efficiently organized measurements data are saved in the metadata of your file, it ensures high maintainability and portability.

Interactive & Realtime

Inspect layer as you select them! You can view layer's information freely, such as, layer's dimensions, fill & border colors, and text info.

PS & Sketch Support

It would be easy enough to bring Markly into your current workflow. Both Photoshop and Sketch are supported.

Smart Measure

Mobile developers don't use pixel (px) as web developers, however, Markly can automatically convert the measurements based on different screen density.

Global Appearance Options

Want to change the color from HEX to RGB? Want to change the label color, line style, etc? Yes, only a single click.

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Will Markly work with Photoshop CS6?

Nope. At this moment Markly requires Photoshop CC 2014.2.2 Release and later.

Will Markly work on Windows computer?

Yes. Markly for Photoshop version supports Mac & Windows. The Sketch version requires Mac OS X 10.9 +.

How to install Markly for PS CC 2014/2015/2017?

After you have already made a purchase, you will receive an Email containing your download link. For CC 2014 please use Adobe Extension Manager to install. For CC 2015/2017, please follow this tutorial: CC 2015/2017 Installation

I get an error from Extension Manager

Please check your Extension Manager application version. If the Extension Manager version is lower than 7.2.1, then you need to go to Adobe website to download the latest update first.

How do I get product updates?

Please click Check for Updates... menu in the app, and you will be prompted to download the latest version if there is.

I lost my download link!

Please send us your purchase email to and we will resend you your download link.

How many licenses should I buy?

Each license can be activated on one computer used by 1 person. If you need to license multiple members in your team, you have to purchase each license for each one.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Your payments will be securely processed by Paypal.

Why isn't Markly free

There are some free Sketch / Photoshop spec plugins, but we want to build a great product, and we need our developers continuously active & focus on this project.

Can I request a full refund?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please tell us within 15 days and we will offer a full refund to you.

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