Realtime design collaboration

Run the whole design team over Google Drive in one place, work together with developers or clients better and fast, for free.

Organize designs into projects

Create a project for your iOS, Web or Android design, and import designs from Sketch, Markly will then sync to Google Drive securely in background.

When finished a project, you can archive it with single click.

Invite developers to work together

Enter an email address to invite others who has a Google account to your project. People invited can access your designs instantly.

Inspect design info

By hovering on the design, you can inspect layer coordinate, dimensions, distance or font styles, etc.

Generate code automatically

1-click code export for selected layer. Currently supported syntaxes: CSS, Sass, SCSS, Less, Stylus, and CSS in JavasScript.

Export scaled assets

Markly automatically generates platform responsive image assets (up to 4x scale) for development. Select a layer. Click export and choose destination folder. Done.

Add comment or annotation

Click any position on the image to add a quick annotation. All members can see your comment and provide a reply.

Shared design library

Now build a secure shared cloud design library on Google Drive, thus every designer can access the same UI resources and use them with ease.

Sneak peek of upcoming features

Markly is in active development

Photoshop Import

Import PSD design files into your project, artboards are also supported.

Version Control

The unlimited versions help you keep tracking your design without hassle.

Style Guide

Generate a beautiful style guide to show team members every pixel detail, and finish project quickly.

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